#TITLE#Downer offers one of the largest non-government owned road infrastructure services businesses in Australia and New Zealand, maintaining more than 40,000 kilometres of road in Australia and more than 32,000 kilometres in New Zealand.

Our customers include all of Australia’s State road authorities, the New Zealand Transport Agency and the majority of local government councils and authorities in both countries.

We continuously invest in innovation to ensure we remain at the forefront of our industry and offer our customers road network infrastructure management and maintenance solutions which optimise value in the provision of services to their customers.

Over the past few decades, the road asset market has evolved from pure road maintenance activity to intelligence led network management, including Smart Motorways. Downer has remained a leader in both Australia and New Zealand because we not only deliver a broad range of tailored pavement treatments and traffic control services, we also provide high level capabilities in strategic and tactical asset management, network planning, and intelligent transport systems.

Downer continues to invest in state-of-the-art technology, for example asphalt plants that use more recycled products and substantially less energy. We have also formed strategic partnerships to meet the changing needs of our customers and markets (for example the DM Roads joint venture).

Downer is a leading manufacturer and supplier of bitumen based products, providing our customers with asphalt, blended binders and emulsion products. We also provide expert services and advice in soil and pavement stabilisation, pressure injection stabilisation, pavement recycling, pavement profiling and asset management.

Road Science is also a part of the Downer team, and is New Zealand’s leading designer and supplier of bitumen and bitumen based products, with four accredited testing laboratories, eight asphalt, four bitumen plants and a recycling facility. The laboratories provide expert advice regarding quality assurance, material design, testing, and pavement investigation. The laboratory team provides technical support for projects, from initial tender and design phase, right through to quality control and compliance testing. For more information about Road Science products and services please see