Power and gas transmission and distribution

#TITLE#Downer offers customers a wide range of services including planning, designing, constructing, operating, maintaining, managing and decommissioning  power and gas network assets.

Our collaborative approach  has made Downer a benchmark end-to-end service provider to owners of utility assets.

Over the past three years, Downer has erected over 1,000 steel lattice transmission towers.  We have designed and built over 100 substations and, every year, we connect 35,000 new power and gas customers. We also maintain over 62,000 kilometres of electricity and gas networks across more than 115,000 square kilometres.

We consider our customers ‘partners’ and work closely with them to understand the pressures they face from their customers, industry regulators and shareholders to provide reliable, efficient and safe levels of service.

We  aim to innovate in all that we do. For example, by introducing ‘Clock Spring’ wrapping we can repair our customers’ gas transmission pipelines more efficiently, without shutdown or “hotwork”. Also, our field mobility solutions benefit customers by achieving improved response times and a higher level of service for their customers.