Snowden is a brand built on almost 30 years of independent, credible consulting to the mining industry. Its mission is to create prosperity for stakeholders in mining projects, operations and investments through innovative solutions that resolve technical complexity, improve productivity and unlock latent value. 

To date, Snowden has completed over 12,000 projects in more than 60 countries, helping mining companies and investors achieve real bottom-line value and meet market guidance. 

Snowden’s main differentiator from its competitors is its multi-disciplinary, holistic approach to the mining value chain. It focuses on what really matters to the economic success of its customers’ project or operation, and employs unique methods and intellectual property to quickly identify the root cause of complex problems, find hidden opportunities and risks, and deliver a faster path to value. 

Snowden’s capabilities include:

Investment Governance

Obtain tools and intelligence to manage your reporting with confidence. Trust your numbers, meet your targets, validate project analysis, and effortlessly manage your regulatory compliance and investment due diligence.

Feasibility Studies

Uncover the most profitable way to mine a resource, even if it has technical complexity that makes recovery difficult. Snowden helps you develop the best business case in the shortest time.

Operational Improvement

Know what’s going on in every part of your mining operation. Snowden provides the tools and knowledge to control every part of your mining value chain, enabling you to continuously maximise your project’s profitability.

Mining Software

If you have technical, operational or compliance challenges, Snowden has specific software solutions to help you resolve them with intelligent knowledge solutions to help you maximise your mining productivity.

Mining Education 

Continuously improve your own knowledge, your company’s IP and your staff’s skills through Snowden’s professional development and education services delivered worldwide.

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