Mine planning and design

Supporting our site-based engineers are Estimating and Engineering teams located in our Brisbane and Perth offices. These teams strategically evaluate the needs of operations and customers to determine the best outcomes for the project.

We recognise the importance of effective mine planning for the success of mining operations. Our technical Engineering teams, combined with our on-site technical services teams, collectively have many years of experience in mine planning and operations, in both open cut coal and hard-rock mining, providing expertise in:

  • Mine design
  • Mine scheduling and optimisation 
  • Survey control
  • Machine guidance support
  • Mine feasibility studies.

Downer Mining works closely with customers, on-site management and mine planning engineers to provide extensive short-term and medium-term mine planning support, analysis and advice to ensure that the mine plan is effective and optimises production for the customer. In conjunction with the Base Cost Estimate Mine Plan, consideration is given to the level of mine planning required on site based on:

  • Target quantities
  • Contract requirements
  • Geology of deposit
  • Site planning requirements.

All operations have different needs, and this is taken into account in the allocation of resources.

To undertake mine design, planning and scheduling, we utilise professional mining software such as Vulcan, Spry, Deswik and XPAC. In addition, we undertake haulage simulations utilising modules within the Spry software to model and optimise numerous options for waste and coal/ore haulage. The haulage simulation provides a visual display of all of the haul profiles generated from the schedules.

From project commencement, we work closely with customers to develop mine plans that optimise pit design and maximise production to ensure a cost-effective mining operation.