Downer announces $4 million Flagstaff Gully Asphalt Plant re-development


Flagstaff Gully

Downer EDI Limited (Downer) today announced a $4 million proposed redevelopment of its Flagstaff Gully Asphalt Plant in Tasmania.

“We are pleased to announce our plans to continue investing in Tasmania,” said Sergio Cinerari, Chief Executive Officer, Downer Infrastructure Services.

“The new plant will produce a variety of high performance and high recycle content asphalt products not currently available in this State. These products include warm mix and low CO2 asphalt that incorporates up to 20% recycled asphalt and other recycled materials that would otherwise end up in landfill, such as rubber tyres,” said Mr Cinerari.

“60,000 tonnes of 20% recycled asphalt, the typical volume used by Hobart each year, will see up to 600 tonnes of CO2-e emissions avoided. This is equivalent to 2.1 million kilometres of car travel per year, or the carbon absorbed by more than 2,200 trees over 20 years,” added Mr Cinerari.

“We welcome Downer’s intention to continue investing in Tasmania, as it reflects the growth in business confidence under this Government,” said Hon Rene Hidding MP, Tasmanian Minister for Infrastructure.

“The proposed redevelopment of their 25-year old Flagstaff Gully asphalt plant will require up to 25 local contractors and, once complete, will be run by a team of five employees and support an asphalt laying crew of 10 Tasmanians.”

The redevelopment of Downer’s Flagstaff Gully asphalt plant will commence in early 2016 and is expected to be completed mid-2016, subject to the necessary approvals.