Corporate Governance

The directors of Downer are committed to ensuring that the company maintains an effective system of corporate governance which is an integral part of the company’s culture and business practices.

Downer's Corporate Governance Framework

The Company’s corporate governance framework provides the platform from which:

  • the Downer Board is accountable to shareholders for the operations, performance and growth of the company
  • Management is accountable to the Board
  • the risks of Downer's business are identified and managed
  • Downer communicates with its shareholders and the broader investment community

Downer's Constitution

A new constitution was approved by shareholders at Downer's Annual General Meeting on 3 November 2010. To view a copy of Downer's constitution please click here.

Compliance with the ASX Corporate Governance Council's Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations

To view Downer's Corporate Governance Statement for the year ending 30 June 2014 please click here.