Supplying to Downer

At Downer we are proud of our history, and importantly, we are excited about where we are headed.  We are therefore always looking for organisations who aspire to work with us as we complete world-class infrastructure and energy projects across 40 countries.

Downer has a culture of strong ethical principles and following our values and spirit will help you to become successful in supplying your goods and services to Downer.

Downer values:

  • Working in collaboration with others and taking pride in their work;
  • Striving for improvement and innovation, and having the courage to think and actively contribute new initiatives that benefit the Group;
  • Demonstrating integrity and responsibility through honest, respectful and transparent communication;
  • Striving for excellence through strong leadership and commitment to the job at hand; and
  • Taking responsibility and accountability for the care and protection of peers, the business, the communities in which we operate and the environment.

To Register…

Build on your success and supply to Downer, please send your details and expression of interest by completing the online supplier registration form.  The registration process is easy to follow and by completing the form your information can be directed to the right person within Downer Procurement.

Downer Procurement uses different processes in sourcing and supplying goods and services dependant on those required.  They range from national or local contracts, pre-qualified panels, eTendering and eCatalogues and for major construction projects suppliers often become part of our bid process.

Having completed the form, Downer Procurement will now be able to supply you with notifications of upcoming opportunities, as they arise, that are specific to you and the good/services you provide.

Our suppliers have been paramount in building the foundations of Downer and will continue to help shape the future of the company so thank you for taking the time in sending your details.

Please note:

  • Expressing your interest does not pre-qualify you as a Downer supplier
  • Expressing your interest does not guarantee that you will be contacted by Downer Procurement to supply goods to Downer
  • There is a comprehensive vetting process undertaken prior to awarding any contract.  This includes: background checks on your financial health; health & safety standards and policies; human rights policies; environmental policies; not excluding adhering to our T&Cs.

Supplier requirements:

Please refer to the Downer Supplier Requirements document before registering your interest.

Mining: General conditions for purchase of goods

Infrastructure Services: Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

DM Roads: DM Roads Purchase Order Terms and Conditions