There are three foundations to Downer’s environmental sustainability strategy:

  • compliance and risk management;
  • minimisation of environmental and sustainability impacts; and
  • improvements to resource efficiency.

Downer’s sustainability strategy incorporates our approach to managing and reducing greenhouse gas emissions associated with our operations and activities and provides the framework for identifying energy efficient and carbon abatement opportunities. We also encourage and support actions to assist our customers and suppliers to manage their climate change related impacts.

We are committed to the development of robust environmental management systems and resource efficiency programs that will sustain our natural environment for future generations.

We continue to identify business opportunities through climate change solutions and develop our capability in key sustainability service offerings such as low energy products, renewable energy and sustainable transport. We are committed to lowering our fuel and energy consumption in order to further reduce our carbon footprint.

Downer’s environmental and sustainability performance is overseen by the Downer Board, which has established a sustainability charter and strategy and allocates internal responsibilities for reducing the impact of our operations on the environment.

Detailed information about Downer’s policies, procedures and performance in relation to the environment is contained in Downer’s annual Sustainability Reports.

Downer's Environmental Sustainability Policy can be found here