Executive Leadership Team

  • Grant Fenn

    Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer
    Grant Fenn Mar 2015
  • Michael Ferguson

    Chief Financial Officer
    Michael Ferguson
  • Sergio Cinerari

    Chief Executive Officer, Infrastructure Services
    Sergio Cinerari Mar 2015
  • Brendan Petersen

    Chief Executive Officer, Engineering, Construction and Maintenance
    Brendan Petersen
  • David Overall

    Chief Executive Officer, Mining
    David Overall Mar 2015
  • Michael Miller

    Chief Executive Officer, Rail
    Michael Miller
  • Steve Killeen

    Chief Executive Officer, New Zealand
    Steve website 180x180
  • David Cattell

    Group Head of Strategy, Growth and Innovation
    David Cattell
  • Julie Wills

    Group Head of Zero Harm
    Julie Wills Mar 2015
  • Peter Tompkins

    Group General Counsel & Company Secretary
    Peter Tompkins Mar 2015
  • Michael Sharp

    Group Head of Corporate Affairs and Investor Relations
    Michael Sharp Mar 2015
  • Steve Schofield

    Group Head of Human Resources and Industrial Relations
    Steve Schofield